Speech Number 2 (Your Passion)

Timing 2-3 minutes

Your first speech was easy as it was about you, a subject you knew really well. For your second speech project you are required to speak on a subject you feel very strongly about. Think very carefully about your topic before planning your speech.

Some examples are: “The importance of a Good Education”, “Saving our Environment”, or “The importance of a Healthy Diet”.

Think of an attention grabbing title for your speech and let the MC know. The MC will introduce you by name and by speech title. A really good title makes a speech interesting before you even start speaking! For example, a speech on recycling could be entitled, “What a load of Rubbish!”

Remember your speech should have a definite:

– Introduction

– Body

– Conclusion

Try also to deliver your speech with passion.

– Use vocal variety

– Act confidently

– Know your facts

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