Speech 1 (Holidays)

Dear 5H,

On the first Monday back next term, we will begin the Youth Leadership Course (Public Speaking). During the term, you will be required to write a number of speeches to present to an audience.

To get you started, you are required to write a speech about yourself over the holidays, and be ready to present it on the first Monday back.

Below are the requirements:

Speech No. 1.





Your first speech project is to introduce yourself to your teachers,   coordinator and to your friends. Plan and prepare a speech by writing out the   details on paper. Write your speech in a logical order, remembering to   include an introduction, body and conclusion.


Be prepared!


The best way to overcome nervousness is to be as prepared as you can   be. After writing your speech and altering it until you are happy with its   contents – Rehearse it! Practise your speech in front of a parent, a friend   or even in front of the bathroom mirror.

Timing 2 – 3 minutes Time your speech carefully. The speech should be of 2 – 3 minutes   duration. Be concise and to the point. We do not want to hear your life   history. Include things that will be of interest to the audience such as your   family, pets or hobbies. You could also tell us about ambitions for the   future, for secondary school or for work.


Think of a title for your speech – see if you can come up with an   interesting title, one that will capture the audience’s attention! You will   need to advise the title of your speech to the coordinator on the day, so   that you can be introduced to the lectern properly.


After you are introduced, walk up to the lectern quickly and   confidently. Even if you are feeling a bit shy, pretend to be confident, put   on your best smile, hold your shoulders back and walk straight to the   lectern.

Shake hands with the M.C., if you are using notes, take time to put   them on the lectern in the correct order.


There is no rush. Look up at the audience – and begin your speech. You   are well on your way to completing your first assignment!


Good Luck!

Mrs Henderson


7 thoughts on “Speech 1 (Holidays)

  1. Does it have to be about ourselves because that is what Angel told me and if so can I just use my casey radio one but add more to it?

    • Hi Alexandra,
      Yes, your speech is all about you! Your family, your interests and hobbies, your dreams for the future. So yes, you can use your Casey radio speech, just make sure it goes for 2-3 minutes.

      Mrs Henderson

  2. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    I’m stuck on what to write about on my speech. At the moment I’ve done about my family and my pets, what else should I do?

    from Aimee

    p.s. I hope you have had awesome holidays.

    • Hi Aimee,

      You could write about your hobbies and interests, including dancing. You could write about your favourite things, your favourite time of year, your favourite place to visit. You could write about your dreams for the future. What are you looking forward to in Grade 6? High school? What is your dream job?

      I hope this helps.

      Mrs Henderson

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