Sentences creating imagery

Add your descriptive sentences as a comment below.

Respond to others’ sentences by hitting “REPLY” and describe the image the author created in your mind.

32 thoughts on “Sentences creating imagery

  1. 1. The small blue bird flew swiftly across the night sky.
    2. The great big dinosaur ran smartly to its prey.
    3. The author wrote the story beautifully with imagery and passion.
    4. The young boy drew nicely.
    5. The children laughed loudly at the crazy clown.
    6. The German Shepherd dog dug a gigantic hole in the muddy ground.

  2. The bird flew beautifully across the wonderful bright blue sky.
    The amazing dinosaur walked slowly to its prey.
    The wonderful author wrote a amazing story book.
    The amazing boy drew a wonderful picture of a wonderful dog.
    The children laughed hard at the funny clown.
    The bad dog dug a humongous hole.

  3. The huge and angry eagle flew rapidly through the drizzling sky.
    The grown up raptor swiftly stalked its helpless prey.
    The dashing author wrote the most interesting and engaging story ever.
    The young and cute boy drew a heart warming picture.
    The engaged little children happily laughed at the silly clown.
    The muddy little Jack Russell dug a a little hole to hide is meaty bone.

  4. Tha massive blue bird flew majestically across the blue sky
    The medium sized dinosaur walked quickly towards its prey
    The smart editor wrote an awesome book
    The small boy drew a really cool picture
    All the small children laughed hard at the clumsy clown
    The big black dog dug a massive hole

  5. Creating imagery/adding

    The small bird flew quietly across the blue sky.
    The sharp giant dinosaur walked slowly towards its weak prey.
    The adventurous author wrote a lovely story.
    The smart boy drew a spectacular picture.
    The small child laughed his brain out at the funny clown.
    The desperate dog dug a huge hole in the muddy ground.

  6. 1. The small blue budgie flew swiftly across the dark night sky.

    2. The giant dinosaur snuck slowly towards its beatiful prey.

    3.The famous author wrote a wonderful story about dinosaurs.

    4. The little boy drew a fantastic picture of a circus with lots of colour.

    5. The children laughed so load at the clown that the tent shock.

    6. The small black puppy dug a giant hole so he could hide hoc muddy bone.

  7. The ugly duckling glided across the warm orange evening sky.
    The fatty dinosaur prowled the dark forest in search of its prey.
    The famous author write an amazing book that sold world wide.
    The young boy drew an ugly picture.
    The little sausage dig dug an enormous hole in the big backyard.

  8. The giant majestic blue bird flew swiftly across the clear blue sky.
    The giant carnivorous dinosaur stomped towards his suffocated prey.
    The intelligent author had trouble writing the best story in the world.
    The little boy drew a magnificent picture.
    The huge children laughed at the hilariously funny clown.
    The tiny scruffy dog dug a large hole.

  9. A small silky budgie glided across the sunset
    The gigantic spinosaurus stomped towards the scared prey
    A wonderful author wrote an amazing story
    The little boy drew a picture of dancers
    All the chidren laughed at the funny clown
    The spotted dog dug a small hole for his bone

  10. The tall, big, hairy, green and blue bird flew strangely across the night sky.

    The very, very scary dinosaur carefully walked towards its tasty prey so it didn’t hear him coming.

    The weird author crazily wrote a cool story.

    The small boy amazingly drew a huge picture.

    The cute children loudly laughed at the awkward clown.

    The dirty, discusting dog drastically dug a deep hole. – Alliteration

  11. The deadly black bird flew enthusiastically through the black and yellow sky.

    The black and yellow feathed velociraptor ran quickly towards the scared the scared green and blue terrified prey.

    The author wrote a huge blue book.

    The little boy drew a huge picture.

    The massive crowd of children laughed loudly at the big red-nosed clown.

    The big brown dog dug a giant black hole.

  12. The small blue bird flew across sun lit sky.
    The scary big dinosaur walked slowly towards its prey.
    The amazing author wrote a good story.
    The little boy drew a great picture.
    The small children luaghed at the funny clown.
    The big dog dug a big hole in the green garden.

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