Concept Driven Reading

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  1. she is properly reading a book because she upset or angry at something or someone and she wants time out to herself in the summer grass.

  2. See- I see a girl lying on the grass alone reading a book.

    Think- I think she has just had a hard time in class and a bad day so she is just having alone time relaxing on the grass outside.

    Wonder- I wonder if she is just mad and is upset or she just wants to go outside for a bit.

  3. The land of knowledge however he is lone.

    I see a dude in a library.

    I think he is knowledgable.

    I wonder how long he has been there.

  4. See- I see a girl reading a book lying down on grass.

    Think- I think that she has had a bad day and just is having time out and relaxing

    Wonder- I wonder if she was getting bullied of got annoyed

  5. Think
    She’s sad needs time to relax among the grass
    What she’s upset with
    I see beautiful trees and deep coloured grass word after word in my magical story

  6. See I see a girl enjoying a nice summers day.

    Think I think she is upset

    Wonder I wonder why she is there and reading a book.

  7. See: I see a girl reading on a sunny day
    Think: I think she was looking for somewhere to relax and read
    Wonder: I wonder why she is there

  8. I see a girl who is laying in the grass reading a book.
    I see lots of grass and trees.

    I think that she is having a fun time reading her book.
    I think that she is feeling happy about herself

    I wonder why she is out there reading and not inside?
    I wonder what she is feeling?

  9. In world filled with knowledge but he has no company.

    I see I guy reading a book

    I think he is sad

    I wonder what he is reading

  10. I See a girl by herself In a quiet area reading a book.

    I think she sad or angry because she In a quiet place reading.

    I wounded if she’s calmed down.

  11. Dear Ms Henderson and 5H,

    I am a teacher in Beijing, China. I teach at a PYP international school, which has students from all over the world. I am originally from Sydney, Australia.

    I am commenting on your (great!) blog because I really love your Concept Driven Reading Cards. I am the boss of literacy at my school and I wonder if you would share these cards with me. I think my students would become much better thinkers if they used these cards during reading groups.

    Can you tell me if there’s a way I can download your cards?
    I’ll be sure to write again to let you know how they work in our school. Perhaps we could even have a Skype chat where we analyse the same text?

    Keep up the wonderful work, 5H. You have a great teacher!

    Ms O’Dwyer

    • Hi Ms O’Dwyer,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. You can now download the reading cards from the OCC. I have titled them, “Concept Driven Reading”.

      I would love to hear how they work at your school. A shared analysis over Skype is a great idea. I’m sure all students would gain a lot from the experience.

      Let me know if you have any trouble downloading the cards.

      Mrs Henderson

  12. Thanks Mrs Henderson!

    I’ve been on the OCC website but the field where I expect the file to be, appears blank. I can’t work out how to download these great resources. Perhaps I’m doing something silly! Any tips?

    Thanks so much for your time.

    Shannon O’Dwyer

    • Hi Shannon,

      Sorry about that. I was having some trouble uploading the document to the OCC. I have finally succeeded though. It is quite large, so might take a little while to download.

      Please let me know how you go.

      Jaylene Henderson

  13. Dear Jocelyn,

    Thanks so much! Got them! Will be sure to give you credit when sharing them with my teachers. Will be sure to keep in touch as people experience success &/or wish to collaborate. Thanks for the wonderful resource.


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