Term 3 Week 3

Due to the Curriculum day this Friday, homework will be due this Thursday, 1st August.


Premier’s Reading Challenge Continues! A HUGE congratulations to those who have completed the Challenge, and to those who are continuing to read MORE!! Your enthusiasm for reading and your love of literature is fantastic.

To those who haven’t completed the Challenge yet – keep reading! There is still time!

Remember to bring your signed form to me once you have completed a book so you can receive your $50 reward and add a sticker to our star chart.

Reading this week – please read at least 3 nights for at least 15 minutes and ask a parent to sign your diary.


It’s your turn to be the teacher! Teach a parent or sibling a concept you have learnt so far this term. It could be mental multiplication by one or two digit numbers, or long division.

Practise your times tables and their related division facts. You decide the best way to do this: you could use an app on your iPad, you could play a game with a parent or sibling, or you could create a board game.


Complete a Think/Puzzle/Explore using the following image as a prompt. Post your comments below:



47 thoughts on “Term 3 Week 3

  1. THINK:
    I think the universe began 100,000,000 years ago.
    I think when you travel into a black hole you die.

    How long ago did the universe begin?
    What happens when you travel into a black hole?

    The universe was born during a period of inflation that began about 13.7 billon years ago.
    When you travel into a black hole you will rather die when you get to the other side or you will come out of a white hole and there is nothing but huge stars no planets no other black holes no Milky Way no nothing.

  2. Think
    I think this is a nebula
    Is there more than one nebula?
    How does a nebula make stars?
    Yes there is more than one
    The nebula has a whole heap of dust and gas and when an object passes it creates a wave mixing the dust and gas they are now in clumps and group into a huge ball the ball gets hotter and hotter and is called a protostar then when the pressure in core gets high enough it becomes a star.

  3. THINK:
    I think that is a nebula.
    I think that’s where stars are born.
    I wonder if the nebula grows.
    I wonder if the nebula will ever get destroyed.
    Some say that the universe was created by god.
    Others say it was created by the Big Bang theory.

  4. I think it is a nebula water stars are born
    I want to know if there is only one nebula
    The moon was believed to have been created 4.5 billion years ago when a large object hit the earth and large bits of rock went to space

  5. When you complete your Think/Puzzle/Explore, make sure you explore the answers to your puzzles. That’s the purpose of exploring. See what you can find out. Well done to those who have already done this!

  6. I think that’s a nebula what’s a million miles away.
    I think that’s were the stars were made/lit.

    I wounder if the nebula was before the Big Bang existed

    did you know the biggest star in the world is called the pistol star it’s a hurdred times bigger then the sun and its a million times brighter then the sun.

    • The biggest star in the universe? Do you know how far away this star is from our solar system? Do you know now if the nebula existed before the Big Bang?

      • It collapses when the cloudy areas heat up then the nebula contracts and cools down which makes it collapse.

        The gas in the nebula is the same as the gas in a star I don’t know what that gas is though.

  7. I think it is a nebula where stars are born
    I want to know if there is only one nebula
    The moon was believed to have been created 4.5 billion years ago when a large object hit the earth and large bits of rock went to space

    • That is very interesting. I wonder if that’s how other planets got their moons? Do you know now if there is only one nebula?

  8. I think it is a nebula
    I think it is a white hole
    I think it is the birth place of a star
    PUZZLE. When did the universe begin
    PUZZLE. When was the Big Bang

    EXPLORE. The Big Bang is the biggest explosion ever recorders
    EXPLORE. The sun is half way through its life span
    EXPLORE. dark matter is HIGHLY explosive

  9. Think
    I think that is a nebula where stars are borns.

    If there is only one nebula?

    Yes there are more than one nebula.

  10. THINK
    I think that it’s a Nebula and that its where planets are born.
    Also I think that the Nebula is made up of lots of complex elements such as hydrogen and helium and other gasses/elements.
    I also think that the Nebula blows up all of the gasses and elements and that is what makes the planets.
    Is the Nebula moving around the universe?
    How much matter and elements does it need to make a planet?
    Can the Nebula make up other things like stars gas giants?
    How can I find this out?
    Yes the Nebula does move.
    It needs gas,hydrogen and lots of other materials.
    Yes the Nebula can make stars and other thing that are in the universe.

    • What other things can the nebula make that are in our universe? What are the other materials that a nebula needs? Why does it need hydrogen and these other materials? What function do they play?

  11. Think: I think that this photo is a nebula.

    Puzzle: I wonder how a nebula forms.

    Explore: A nebula forms when portions of interstellar medium clump together to make a nebula.

  12. Think: I think this is a nebula.
    Puzzle: Is every nebula the same colour or shape.
    Explore: Every nebula is a different shape and size

  13. I think:the picture is Nebulae
    I think: it is a milkyway
    Puzzle : how did nebula get its shape?
    Explore: nebula got its shape by the Big Bang .

  14. THINK
    i think that that is where stars are born.
    i also think that the bright dots are new stars being born or stars dieing.
    i wonder if any person has seen that place and watched one come to life or die.
    i wonder if one day one of the stars will go so close to earth and might blow up some of the earth.
    yes someone has seen a star die it was 13 bilion light year away, plus Astronomers witness a star being born they also say that it is not fully a star get it is in its earily stages of its life.
    it turns out that the sun is a star and one day it will explode and die, and we will die with it.

  15. THINK:
    I think that our galaxy is made up of the Milky Way and is what people say looks like spilt milk.

    I think that the sun is 875,00 miles across and is 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg.

    When did the Big Bang happen?
    What are all of the objects in space?
    How many planets are in our solar system?

    The Big Bang happended 13.7 years ago.
    The objects found in space include: planets, meteors, meteoritees, comets and stars.
    Well, there are 8 main planets and 4 dwarf planets but if you include Ceres it is 5 Dwarf planets.

  16. I think that the picture is the nebula and is where stars are born.
    I think that is more than 1 nebula in the universe.

    I wonder how long the sun has been burning for?
    I wonder how long a star life’s for?

    The sun has been burning for 4.5 billion years
    Stars normally life for 10 million years before they blow up ( except the sun which will probably burn out in 10 billion years)

  17. Think: I think you would not be able to breath within a nebula.
    Puzzle: How many stars are in the Milky Way:100-400 billion
    Explore: A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionised gases.

  18. Think:I think it a black hole.
    Puzzle:how does a black hole form.
    Explore:Most common theory is where a colossal star with a mass of more than 3 times the Sun’s reaches the end of its life, gets crushed under its own gravity, leaving behind a compact blackhole.

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