Term 3 Week 5

A reminder to those who must provide evidence of their homework from week 5 on Monday! If you do not present your signed diary, and/or your parents’ feedback is not recorded in Evernote, your consequence will be time inside at lunch time.

Homework DUE this Friday, 16th August


We certainly have a bunch of enthusiastic readers in our midst! If you’re not enthused by reading, have a chat with me. We can find something you’ll be sure to like!

Remember to bring your signed Premier’s Reading Challenge form to me once you have completed a book so you can receive your $50 reward and add a sticker to our star chart.

Reading this week – please read at least 3 nights for at least 15 minutes and ask a parent to sign your diary.



Share with your parents a concept you have covered in maths this week. Record their feedback about how well you explained the concept in your Evernote shared notebook.



Make a screencast of a concept explored in our current unit of inquiry. Record feedback from your parents in your Evernote shared notebook (use the same note as for Maths, and label it “Week 5 Homework”).

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