A reminder to those who must provide evidence of their homework from week 5 on Monday! If you do not present your signed diary, and/or your parents’ feedback is not recorded in Evernote, your consequence will be time inside at lunch time.

57 thoughts on “Homework

  1. The economy is not very good at the moment.

    Services at our local fast food restaurants is not great.

    There are many things that people want, but some people don’t even have things they need.

    We made a list of things we need and things we want.

    We have a budget at school.

    Before money was made people use to trade things insead.

    We will export these boxes on a ship.

    They may have to import these on that ship.

    Our daily income is very good considering the job I have.

    My interest is not high wHen you show me that.

    This Dicsision may soon tern in to an argument.  

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