What’s your story?

Every family has its own story about how they came to be living in Australia. Do you know your family’s story?

Your task is to map your family’s journey to Australia. Can you download a world map to Skitch, and then use arrows and labels to illustrate that journey? Can you also find out why your family moved from country to country and why they have settled in Australia? What was their method of travel? How did they get to Australia?


1. Use Google to find a world map. Save Image to your Camera Roll.

2. Open Skitch and Sign In using your Evernote account.

3. Create New Skitch and select Choose a Photo. Add the image (world map) from your Camera Roll.

4. Use arrows and text to annotate the map.

5. Remember to save frequently, just in case!

5. Be ready to share on Monday 🙂



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